Preparing for the 25th CAB

Building the foundation for Growth

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Wheeler Army Airfield is adjacent to Schofield Barracks in Honolulu on the Island of O’ahu, Hawaii and comprises approximately 1,389 acres of land. It is home to the 225th Combat Aviation Brigade who are ready for deployment worldwide for aviation offensive, defensive, stability, and support operations. Currently these forces are utilizing pre-World War II facilities designed for the propeller-driven aircraft of that era. A total of 17 construction phases will consolidate, update, and provide a new and modern home for the brigade.

Project Details

For Phase I, we built new electrical, communication, potable and fire water, drainage, and gravity and pressure sewer systems along with roadways, building pads, and a new taxiway with a helicopter hydrant refueling system across the 247 acre site. This new infrastructure included 3.2 miles of water lines, 1.6 miles of sanitary sewer, upgrading the electrical substation switch, and over 6 miles of concrete encased duct banks carrying over 37 miles of conduit throughout the site. Additionally, an existing building was repurposed to be used as a communications hub with administrative office space.

The helicopter hot refueling system included construction of 25,800 square yards of airfield pavement, above ground fuel storage tanks, the underground fuel hydrant loop, dual truck off-loading stations, a pumping/filtering station, and a control building.

    US Army Corps of Engineers, Honolulu District
  • Contract Value
    R.M. Towill Corporation
  • SIZE
    247 acres