Providing a home base for the Special Operations Forces

Building for improved readiness

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The new SOF Combined Squad Ops Facility at Duke Field will support both the 859th Special Operations Squadron (“859th SOS”) reserve unit and the 524th Special Operations Squadron (“524th SOS”) active unit of the U.S. Air Force. The 859th SOS is an associate of the 524th SOS, performing the Non-Standard Aviation mission, which are operations performed by aircraft used by Air Force Special Operations Command to support austere and remote locations not serviced by reliable and safe commercial aviation runway environments.

Project Details

The new SOF Combined Squad Ops Facility is a 36,900-square-foot, two-story, operations facility with functional areas such as flight planning and briefing rooms; formal training, readiness, safety, and mobility rooms; secure open storage and planning vault; supply and mobility storage areas; arms room and associated arms supervisor room; joint use areas; mass briefing room; classroom areas; intelligence work areas, offices, training, and briefing rooms; administrative and personnel offices and open office areas; aircrew flight equipment storage and maintenance areas for each crew member; and other support areas.


This project includes incorporating principles of sustainability to meet the program needs by complying with the high performance and sustainable building (“HPSB”) Guiding Principles requirements.

    US Army Corps of Engineers, Mobile District
  • Contract Value
    Bullock Tice Associates
  • SIZE
    36,900 square feet