Our Quality Control System

Active Management

We believe that quality control is not a program, but rather a system that can be successfully planned, implemented, and can adapt quickly to changing situations. Our quality control system functions as the central mechanism through design, construction, and completion that assures we have met our client’s objectives. However, it’s not enough to have a great quality control system; it must be properly implemented and actively managed by a team of knowledgeable professionals.

Our active management starts during the design phase when we provide an additional layer of QA/QC, paying close attention to the constructability and economy of the design. As the project moves into the construction phase, our dedicated quality control manager will be charged with ensuring that all construction quality objectives are effectively defined, clearly articulated, implemented, and achieved. The primary means of building quality into every phase of the project is the use of this formalized system.

Three Phase System

We implement the three phases of quality control on every project to ensure all definable features of work are completed in accordance with all project specifications. The three phase system includes the preparatory, initial, and follow-up phases of quality control. During the preparatory phase, our team thoroughly reviews the task at hand, inspection and testing requirements, and all safety precautions with the workers who will perform the work. In the initial phase, we verify all requirements have been met by the personnel who will perform the work, verify that the jobsite is safe for the work to be completed, and inspect the first representative sample after work has started to ensure it meets contract requirements for work to continue. Finally, during the follow-up phase we regularly monitor all work in progress, assure the requirements are being met, and verify that the work has been successfully completed.

Quality Control Training

Each of our projects are staffed with a quality control manager who leads all quality management activities and requirements. Our quality control managers have significant experience and an educational background that allow them to lead their teams with both knowledge, wisdom, and attention to detail. Each member of our quality control teams receive both formal and informal training, including completing the government’s Construction Quality Management for Contractors course, furthering their understanding of all aspects of construction quality control.