We Love Small Businesses

And We Need Your Help

We know firsthand where one individual’s dream and determination can take you; we’re still building on David’s vision for a firm committed to excellence in every detail. Small businesses play a crucial part in the construction industry and we fully understand and support this role.

Many of our clients set goals in our contracts for small business participation and we enjoy exceeding those goals whenever possible. Our best small business subcontracting achievement was on a project in Texas where 99.90% of the work we subcontracted was subcontracted to small businesses. Hopefully some day we can update this statement for a project that achieves 100% small business subcontracting!

If you are a small business working with us on an opportunity we are chasing, please be sure we know your small business designation(s) and if asked, you fully complete and promptly return your representations and certifications.


Thank You!