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We want to Engage a Relationship Early

We recognize the critical contributions that our subcontractors provide to the overall success of our projects. Especially, larger scopes of work such as mechanical, electrical, and plumbing that can account for 25-30% of the entire project cost. These scopes, while not only the more expensive portions of project, also tend to be the more sophisticated and, therefore, require a bit more coordination than many other elements.

For this reason, we routinely engage and coordinate the resources of our specialty subcontractors as early as possible in the process to gain insight on life cycle cost, efficiency, maintainability, constructability, and affordability of these systems. With your input and knowledge, we can then coordinate these complex activities into the overall project, paving the way for a seamless installation.

We have seen again and again how your involvement and active participation during the design phase can not only lead to a smoother transition from design to construction, but also allows us to establish a relationship built on trust and respect. With everyone working together, we can increase constructability, reduce interferences, requests for information, schedule delays, and provide an outstanding final product while effectively controlling cost. The time invested during the design phase will pay dividends during construction.


Thank You!